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Automatic refrigeration monitoring around the clock

Bouygues Energies & Services provides automatic and seamless monitoring of refrigeration units at Globus Basel: 36 sensors measure and record the temperatures of the refrigeration units around the clock. The sensors are equipped with batteries (10 year service life) and function autonomously.


If there are temperature deviations, an automatic pushmail/e-mail alert is sent to a mobile phone. Maximum and minimum temperatures can be individually defined per sensor, as can deviation range and duration. Via the dashboard all data can be viewed at any time.

Facts & figures

Trades ICT, refrigeration
Client Globus ***delicatessa Basel
Location Basel
Cool recording and HACCP guidelines


Temperature monitoring for refrigeration units is also an issue for restaurant and hotel owners. The HACCP guidelines require that temperatures must be measured and documented at least once a day.


“Cool recording” is a seamless 24/7 temperature monitoring system that is easy to install and can be adapted to different needs.

Our services

  • IoT solution “Cool recording
  • Continuous 24/7 temperature monitoring of 36 refrigeration units
Globus ***delicatessa stands for high quality and premium products where freshness of goods is an important point. Fabio Paci, back office manager at Globus Basel, therefore also has stringent requirements when it comes to goods refrigeration: “Up until now, we have been measuring the temperatures of our refrigerated cabinets once a day, to guarantee high quality and freshness. This type of measurement is fully sufficient in terms of legal requirements, but it does not meet our demands. We cannot tell what the temperature curve will be outside of these measurements, and errors can also occur with manual measurement. As a result, I was looking for a system that measures and records temperatures around the clock, and issues automatic alerts when deviations occur.”