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IoT & Software Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) has driven the emergence of innovative and disruptive business models and hence new growth opportunities across all industries, sectors, regions and enterprise sizes.

Virtual Reception

The challenge 

In the light of technical advances in communication and building management, reinventing the experience of employees and visitors is very important. The COVID-19 pandemic and digital transformation have accelerated this trend as companies seek to redesign their interactions, processes and spaces to address the new reality.


We follow three principles, which are set out below. 

«We offer end-to-end services and support our corporate customers throughout the entire digital transition.»

We offer the following services in this area: 

  • Transformation planning
  • Optimisation & rolling out of virtual reception
  • Advice and security on technological adaptations and cloud migration
  • Maximising of uptake, productivity and ROI
  • Tailored solutions that leverage use cases and business benefits
«We focus on customer-specific solutions for vertical markets.»

We offer the following services in this area: 

  • Public sector
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Hotel industry
  • and more
«We tailor our solutions to your needs.»

We offer the following services in this area: 

  • Self-service hotels without a physical reception, with features integrated into the hotel IT infrastructure
  • Campus solutions for healthcare, educational institutions and resorts with digital and hybrid concierge services
  • Payment kiosks for dining, hospitality and transport
  • Kiosk solutions with automated issuing of chip cards for access
  • Self-service kiosks for visitor passes
  • Information kiosks with user-defined content

The virtual reception: an innovative solution 


Bouygues Energies & Services, a leader in the Swiss facility management market, has developed a digital reception services solution. Inspired by the modern design of settings with an open floor plan and no physical reception area, it combines a highly flexible corporate platform with the IT systems already used in-house to create a consistent experience for visitors.


From booking an appointment to checking room availability, and featuring a live video chat function and messaging, the platform seamlessly connects visitors with their company contacts, ensures a warm welcome and reinforces safety and health protocols through personalised QR access codes and the provision of information throughout the entire process.


We are committed to optimising building management for our customers and offering visitors a holistic experience that retains the human touch even in the digital realm.


Benefits for our customers


Bouygues Energies & Services’ virtual reception services offer a number of benefits for customers. They offer visitors a seamless transition from the digital reception to an in-person meeting with their contacts. The virtual reception also offers improved security standards. 


As the virtual reception can be used 24/7 without supervision, it offers high cost savings and time savings for visitors. 


Many areas of companies are becoming increasingly digitised. Our virtual reception solution offers a highly flexible IT infrastructure that is compatible with CRM, ERP and facility management solutions (access control systems, key management systems, smart lockers and access rights management systems).


All end users benefit directly from this solution: employees have access to an optimised process for arranging meetings and site visits, while visitors receive a tailor-made experience before, during and after their visit.


Another benefit is that preliminary data reveals significant time and cost savings after implementing the solution, which requires little capital investment.


And that’s not all: our customers benefit from many other reception and visitor management functions. For example for welcoming customers and visitor management: 


the virtual reception offers avatar-based communication in several languages, plus a range of communication functions (chat, voice call, video call and communication across clients and tenants). 


The reception helps customers find their way around the building and makes it possible to give feedback on building management. 


We offer appropriate remote or on-site support at all times to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Besides the many benefits to the customer, the virtual reception offers all visitors a unique experience and assists them in a friendly, service-oriented manner from the beginning to the end of their stay. In doing so, it connects the digital world with physical reality and skilfully builds a bridge between people and technology.

Daniel Buholzer, Regional Managing Director

Last but not least, we would like to discuss how you can benefit from visitor management when you opt for a virtual reception. :

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Visitor self-registration
  • Checking in
  • Checking out
  • Entry agreement
  • Acceptance of terms & visitor’s signature
  • Identification by ID
  • Tradesperson process with conditions/permits
  • Visitor enters into the building
  • Printing and issuing of badge
  • Badge return


We have already implemented a virtual reception solution for Allreal Office AG. Please read the testimonial to find out how the virtual reception can be successfully integrated into everyday life.

Sound interesting? Daniel Gasser will be delighted to tell you more.

Daniel Gasser
Head of Communication & Software Engineering
+41 44 247 42 53

Alarm services

Targeted alarms, secure protection and flexible monitoring: alarm services from Bouygues Energies & Services are the ideal solution for flexible, fast and secure alarms, evacuation and notification. The tool for a comprehensive emergency, alarm and messaging concept where measures are initiated in a targeted way. The Bouygues E&S alarm service ensures that dozens of people receive event-related notifications within a few seconds. Safety and reliability are top priority. All of this is possible via the common IoT protocols and, of course, both as a local installation (on-premises) and from the cloud.



Our services

  • System planning
  • Component delivery
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Optional: system monitoring, operation and maintenance

Smart rooms – smart buildings – smart cities

Smart rooms are complex rooms that you can book, maintain and manage through a straightforward, self-explanatory user interface. For example, a meeting room can be transformed at the push of a button. The projector turns on, the screen extends, the lights dim, the shutters close, the ventilation is regulated, the connection box activates all of the required interfaces. You are ready for your upcoming meeting in just a few seconds, and everything can be reset to the original mode at just another push of a button. We can also extend these features to entire buildings and cities. The sky’s the limit!



Our services

  • Installation and commissioning of all components
  • Linking of all sensors and actuators
  • Integration of existing components
  • Configuration as required by the customer

Software engineering

We use our software engineering skills to adapt your software and hardware to your business processes in a way that is tailored to your needs. Our software projects reduce complex work steps, simplify your day-to-day life and result in greater efficiency. We use Agile methods to develop tailor-made software and hardware solutions. Our specialists support you every step of the way – from designing your idea to operating your software solution. Backed by many years of practical experience in tried-and-tested front-end and back-end technologies, our experts are always here to help.



Our services

  • Planning: we determine your requirements together
  • Consulting: we advise you throughout the entire software development process
  • Project management: a dedicated project manager accompanies you throughout the project up to software implementation
  • Analysis: our designers create mock-ups, wireframes and visual rollouts for you
  • Design: our software architects design the right software architecture for you
  • Development and programming: your product is precisely tailored to your needs in an Agile development process
  • Validation and verification: our module tests and integrative tests shape our ongoing software control process
  • Quality management: our IT service management process is a key element for us to be able to quickly identify faults and errors
  • Maintenance and operation: coordinated release and change management protects your investment and guarantees software longevity
  • Partner ecosystems: we have various strategic partnerships and guarantee short time-to-market solutions