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Kummler+Matter EVT

Clean rooms

We specialise in clean-room systems for the pharmaceutical, electronics and food industries, hospitals, plastic manufacturers and research laboratories. Our experts have extensive know-how in a broad range of manufacturing and finishing processes.

Clean rooms for hospitals

Our products and services are used wherever there is a need to plan and implement innovative concepts for the cleanest possible air. Our experts make sure that the air in operating theatres is clean and germ-free. They know your needs, speak your language and can draw on years of experience in product development for hospital components – the ideal credentials for producing bespoke, professional and cost-effective solutions.

Clean rooms for industrial companies

Industrial manufacturers around the world rely on our proven technology and systems. We develop and build integrated solutions for clean-room systems for the pharmaceutical industry as well as sector-specific, customised clean-room solutions for the electronics industry. In many areas of production, highly sensitive clean rooms are a must, for example for DUV processes, copper metallisation, microprocessors etc.

Measuring service for clean rooms

The right quality of air has a positive effect on well-being, safety and productivity. We measure and analyse your air and provide the basis for solutions. We also have a wealth of experience in certifying and recertifying clean rooms.


Our services:


  • Particle measurement
  • Air statistics
  • Differential pressure
  • Recording and visualisation of spatial airflows
  • Germ counts
  • Comfort evaluation