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Application process

Would you like to become part of the Bouygues community and help shape current and future building technology and infrastructure?


On our vacancies page, you will find a variety of exciting job profiles that will allow you to help shape the world of tomorrow. Take on responsibility and progress in a dynamic and future-oriented environment – ‘Together further’.

This is how we get to know each other

#1 Have you found a suitable role?

Then we look forward to receiving your full application documents: CV, job references and qualifications as well as your cover letter – after registering on our applicant platform, you can upload all documents there and apply for the desired role.

Open positions
#2 Have you received confirmation of receipt?

Then you have successfully submitted your documents – congratulations! Now it’s over to us to check your documents and make the pre-selection with the manager. As soon as we’re done, you will receive initial feedback and learn more about the next steps.

#3 Are we interested in one another?

If so, we will get in touch with you and arrange an initial meeting – in person or online. Either the responsible HR specialist or the manager is present at the interview, or even both, depending on the role. Our goal is to provide you with an authentic understanding of the company and the role, and to find out more about your career and your skills.

#4 Do we both want to know more?

After our meeting, we will contact you again. If both parties are still interested then, depending on the role, the next step may be a second interview, a taster session or an assessment unit to clarify any remaining questions. We will again discuss all the important terms and conditions of employment.

#5 Have we chosen one another?

After the second step, we will have another conversation and you will receive personal feedback where possible. If we both decide we’re satisfied, we will then send you a contract offer or all contract documents directly.