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Smart City - intelligent holistic solutions for a more sustainable future

We understand the umbrella term "smart city" to mean ideas and concepts that use cutting-edge technology to make entire sites, districts, municipalities and cities better places to live and more efficient and sustainable. This calls for products, services, processes and infrastructure, and the involvement of a wide variety of players.

Smart Energy & Environment

Sustainable solutions for an intelligent, resource-efficient approach to our environment through the use of cutting-edge technology.

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Smart Mobility

Solutions for cleaner, safer, more efficient mobility in public and private transport and the required infrastructure systems.

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Smart Security

Networked solutions that make everyday life easier and increase public safety and security in relation to the environment, traffic and facilities.

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Visitors to the “smallest smart city in the world” can experience smart applications and technology in a real environment. Together with our partners, we develop this technology constantly and create solutions and concepts for more efficient, liveable and sustainable sites, districts, municipalities and cities.

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