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A brand of Bouygues Energies & Services
Kummler+Matter EVT

Refrigeration systems

We build refrigeration systems for the commercial sector, the gastronomy and hotel industry, the food industry and the research sector. We guarantee seamless refrigeration – all the way from the producer to the consumer.

Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is an extremely diverse issue and requires a high degree of expertise and experience. Our refrigeration specialists know every industry and develop customised solutions for you.

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Industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration systems must meet the highest demands. We plan and implement solutions for all kinds of refrigeration and freezing processes, making optimum use of components and materials.

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Air conditioning

We plan, design and implement practical air-conditioning solutions for the well-being of people and the benefit of the environment. Our industry-specific expertise and experience range from the installation of simple air conditioners for ambient comfort to complex building installations. Whether comfort air conditioning systems or large-capacity water chillers - we are the specialists.

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In food retailing, refrigeration systems are the largest single consumers of electricity. Accordingly, a cooling system that is as efficient as possible is essential.

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Refrigeration appliances

We offer high-quality commercial refrigeration units for commercial enterprises: From refrigerators, refrigerated buffets, refrigerated displays and freezers to deep freezers, ice machines and warming counters. All this on favourable terms, with competent advice and comprehensive service - throughout Switzerland.

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We are on call for our customers around the clock. This is particularly important where refrigeration and air conditioning are essential for flawless production and the storage of perishable goods, where server systems only function properly in cool rooms, or where HVAC technology in hospitals and buildings is important for people's well-being.

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