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In food retailing, refrigeration systems are the largest single consumers of electricity. Accordingly, a cooling system that is as efficient as possible is essential.

We supply energy-optimised concepts that can also be easily integrated into existing solutions. Among other things, this is achieved by incorporating waste heat and using suitable refrigerants. The aim is to reduce emissions or avoid them altogether and protect the climate. At the same time, using a suitable refrigerant significantly reduces the energy consumption of the refrigeration system and increases energy efficiency. Continuous energy management optimises the consumption of the system, reducing it by up to 30%.

The gentlest treatment for high-quality products.
Gentle and correct cooling and deep-freezing are essential for the flawless further processing of foodstuffs. We are familiar with both the specific requirements that refrigeration technology must meet in the food industry - and the needs of our customers with regard to their products. Factors such as hygiene, economy and convenience are taken into account here.

Cool Recording for your branches

Automatic seamless refrigeration point monitoring for observance of HACCP guidelines in food control.


Due to official regulations, the temperature of refrigeration points must be recorded and documented. This binds resources and the solutions are often prone to error. Cool Recording’s temperature management solution offers an easy to install, straightforward and reliable alternative. Thanks to the use of the LoRaWAN™ wireless technology, the solution is highly scalable and can be adjusted easily to your needs. Clear presentation on your PC or mobile devices and automatic document dispatch round off the solution. Cool Recording meets the HACCP guidelines in full.

Your advantages

  • LoRaWAN™ compatible
  • Operation on public or private LoRaWAN™ networks
  • Highly scalable
  • Battery life approx. 8 years.
  • Very high wireless range
  • Very easy start-up
  • Remote configuration of temperature probes
  • Import of temperature data from other systems possible
  • 24h cool chain monitoring with adjustable alarm system
  • Short payback thanks to process automation in QHS Management
  • Compliance with HACCP guidelines


By using our supermarket/convenience refrigeration solutions, you save on electricity costs, protect the environment and at the same time benefit from subsidies. Our specialist would be happy to show you the options.


Sandro JOOS
Team Leader Refrigeration
+41 76 319 64 75
Marcel MOSER
Salesperson refrigeration systems
+41 79 797 60 25
Technical Manager Refrigeration
+41 79 126 42 05
Sale refrigeration systems
+41 52 725 29 03
Olivier BLESI
Head of Department HVACE - Service & refrigeration systems
+41 41 269 45 54

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