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Application for FM

app4fm is a cloud solution that simplifies facility management efficiently and economically.

With app4fm, you can easily coordinate the operations related to facility management, centralise information, and control and optimise the functioning of the operations.

app4fm offers modules for various situations, such as the safety of employees at the workplace, records management, the establishment of security certificates for electrical installations (SC) and the monitoring of energy consumption (electricity, oil, etc.). It is also possible to easily add custom modules at lower cost.


To use app4fm, you do not need to install software or a costly server infrastructure. You can access the platform using a simple computer with a browser such as a PC, Mac, tablet or even a smartphone. app4fm is a multi-client environment and offers advanced security standards. Your data is protected and can not be viewed or downloaded by others. Access to information can be precisely controlled by specific user rights.


app4fm is multilingual (de/fr/it/en), provides a simple user interface and powerful tools for entrying, research and data visualisation. app4fm is developed by the ICT Services division at Bouygues Energies & Services InTec. The platform is maintained by our specialists in an optimal way and continuously developed to ensure high reliability and security.