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Access control

The right access control for every application

Suitable, reliable access control is a fundamental building block for the seamless operation of your company. Using the solutions implemented by Bouygues Energies & Services for all kinds of physical access control, you and your employees can concentrate on your core business. Whether you are interested in locker management, access management via mobile apps or other solutions to save money in this area – we have something suitable for you.


Bouygues Energies & Services works with leading manufacturers of access control systems, which means we’re able to offer our customers individually tailored applications for the respective scenario.

How does your company benefit from our access system?

 Our solution allows you to choose from an extensive catalogue of access control options. In turn, this lets you focus on your business and optimise your costs. But what are the advantages of the software installed by Bouygues Energies & Services?




  • Optimisation of existing processes:

    One decisive advantage is the incredible flexibility of the system and the resulting adaptability to your needs and processes. This ensures it can be used consistently throughout your entire company. Whether it’s physical locks, scanners, lifts, turnstiles or other devices – we connect all possible access points via our software solution to improve the flow of your customers’ and employees’ movement, ensure smoother business processes and thereby optimise your costs.

    If you want to start small, that’s no problem. On request, we will install just a few selected functions to start with. That way, you can test whether the application suits you in practice. Then we work with you to decide whether additional functions make sense for your business. Both the pricing model and the structure of the individual functions allow you to scale up the installation at your own pace.



  • End-to-end security is guaranteed:

    The risk of cyber attacks is currently a pressing matter for businesses. In the blink of an eye, data can be lost, processes manipulated or operations brought to a halt. To protect our customers against this risk, we recommend the AEOS solution, which meets the highest security standards. This ensures full access control at all times and eliminates external interference.



  • Regular software updates keep you up to speed:

    Physical access control is changing and new technologies and functions are constantly being introduced to ensure continued security for your company. To keep the software up to date, regular software updates are performed, which integrate these additions into the existing system.



  • Wide variety of expansion options:

    The high flexibility of the AEOS system makes it possible to integrate additional functions. Whether you want to integrate HR, biometric functions, VMS or Intrusion Detection – the possibilities are numerous. We will be happy to advise you on which applications might suit you and your needs.



  • Multiple access points, one card:

    Your employees only need a single identification medium for controlled access to various buildings, rooms, lockers, all kinds of cabinets, etc.

How does access control work?

As well as flexible software, the implementation of a simple user interface is critical. For this purpose, Bouygues Energies & Services presents suitable web and mobile apps that are compatible with all the functions of the respective access management solution. These offer benefits such as:


  • Information about all access events

  • Remote locking and unlocking of doors

  • Flexible management of users, doors and locations on one platform

  • Flexibility, reliability, scalability and easy coupling with other applications


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