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Locker management

A suitable locker management solution for any area of application

An increasing number of companies are no longer making permanent workstations available to their employees. This is because different working models have now been established, such as the use of flexible workstations or the hot desking principle – when employees share workstations, with the result that they are occupied by different people each day.


In situations where workstations are no longer permanently assigned, many companies offer their employees the option of storing their personal belongings in a locker. However, not all employees are interested in making use of this opportunity. Plus, keeping a locker available for each member of staff would be very costly for the company and would also take up a lot of space.

What can your company gain by using our locker management solution?

Locker management from Bouygues Energies & Services enables you to use the lockers in a dynamic way. What this means from your employees’ perspective is that they are not assigned a personal locker but are able to choose from any that are currently free. This ensures more effective use of the available lockers and means that you do not need as many of them in the first place.


How do employees know which lockers are free? The lockers feature an LED display to indicate whether they are occupied. Employees can easily unlock them, pop their belongings inside and then lock them again by holding their RFID access card against the reader.


You can also prepare access cards for any visitors to use, allowing them to store their belongings in a locker while they attend a meeting or go on a tour and meaning they don't have to lug them around.

How secure is the locker management solution?

When it comes to installing suitable locks for the locker management system, Bouygues Energies & Services only ever uses types with an anti-tamper sensor. This sensor ensures that you enjoy the maximum possible standard of security. Furthermore, the lock contains a reader that is compatible with various types of RFID card. E.g.:


  • HID
  • iClass
  • Legic Advant


These locks can be used to secure different areas. For instance, you can use them to protect items stored inside a medicine cabinet or to keep a cash box safe. Only the people to whom you assign the relevant authorisation have access.

An access control system combined with key management is the best way to protect important papers and documents

A major requirement of many of our customers is the ability to lock away very important and confidential papers, documents and contracts, and to protect them against unauthorised access. If the same applies to you, you could start off by using a physical access control system installed by us. This application enables you to grant specific people access to rooms and areas, thereby giving you control over who can get their hands on your sensitive and confidential documents.


For even better protection of your company information, we recommend installing a locker management system as well. By implementing this, you can not only control access to specific areas but also to particular cabinets and other storage locations.


Our single-card solution does away with the need for laborious key management, saving you and your employees a lot of time and effort because you no longer have to distribute and monitor multiple keys. In addition, all users – whether they be employees or visitors – will find the cards extremely user-friendly.

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