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Cloud & Managed Services

Our cloud & managed services offer you standardised, high-level ICT services on a ‘pay-as-you-use’ basis (you are only billed for features and components you actively use). Our modular offering ranges from network service to complete IT outsourcing.

Information and communication technology is a sector that is constantly changing and developing dynamically like no other. This rapid development requires future-oriented concepts and integrated solutions. Today’s technology could be outdated tomorrow. All the more reason to choose our modular and standardised cloud & managed services, which we are constantly developing and keeping up to date with software updates. Our solutions involve minimal investments and clear, calculable monthly costs for your company.

General features

  • Bouygues Energies & Services plans, operates and maintains your cloud & managed services at your locations throughout Switzerland
  • Choice of service levels, from ‘Basic’ to ‘Advanced’ (24/7)
  • Choice of feature package and performance level
  • Bouygues Energies & Service ensures that replacement material is handled and procured
  • Predictable fixed monthly costs, depending on the number of devices used or the number of users
  • No or minimal investment
  • Our cloud & managed services are built by a vendor as full-stack services, which helps with interoperability and reduces risk

Managed Workplace Service

With our managed workplace service, you outsource the maintenance and operation of your workstations to us – so your company can concentrate fully on its core business. The modular holistic solution is based on the Microsoft cloud (Microsoft 365 and Azure), which allows you to flexibly respond to changing market conditions. Our solution works independently of location – in the office or at home – and also supports ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD). Data is stored in Switzerland.

Our service features

  • Workplace: cutting-edge digital workstations
  • Office apps: office application for day-to-day office life including Microsoft 365
  • Business apps: access to your specialised and sector-specific applications
  • Workplace management: software and policy management for your clients
  • Backups: protect your data
  • Phone system: make calls on the public telephone network with Microsoft Teams



Our tried-and-tested partners: Microsoft, HP Inc.

Managed Secure Network Service

With its managed network service, Bouygues Energies & Services offers companies full service in the field of local network and IT security. We plan, operate and maintain your LAN (local area network, switches) and WLAN (wireless local area network, WLAN access points) from A to Z. Our solution is perfect for business customers who don’t want to operate their LAN and WLAN infrastructure themselves but still want to implement effective basic IT protection fast. The managed network service can be combined with other managed services.


Our service features

  • High-quality, modular cloud-managed service
  • Meraki Access: all things local network and wireless LAN
  • Meraki Security: security for your company’s network
  • Meraki SD-WAN: cost-effective networking for your company locations
  • Meraki Camera: camera surveillance for physical security
  • Cisco Umbrella: protection against cyber threats for your digital workplaces – at the office and at home



Our tried-and-tested partners: Cisco Meraki, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Duo Security

Managed Security Service

Growing interconnectedness and the rise in cybercrime are increasingly putting companies’ IT security concepts to the test. With our managed security service (MSS), we protect your IT system landscape with several lines of defence. Your data and information are effectively and comprehensively protected against threats – from the cloud to the endpoint.



Our service features

  • Managed firewall: cutting-edge next-generation firewall as a line of defence in the network
  • Managed endpoint protection: protects your clients and servers from malware
  • Managed email security: protection from threats like phishing emails
  • Managed SD-WAN: secure and cost-effective networking for company locations



Our tried-and-tested partners: Fortinet, Sophos

Managed UCC Service

It’s all about having the right solution. With our managed UCC service (MUS) or ‘Unified communication as a Service’ (UCaaS), we offer a holistic and intuitive collaboration solution together with our partner Cisco. Our Cisco Webex service is completely cloud-based, so there are no costly investments except for the end devices required. Whether it’s via mobile device, at a desk in the office, or in a meeting room – Cisco Webex facilitates intelligent, simple and creative team collaboration for chat, video conferences, file sharing and telephony. Cisco Webex is compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.



Our service features

  • Intuitive and holistic cloud collaboration service
  • Webex Meetings and Teams: video conferences, chat and file sharing
  • Webex Devices: seamlessly integrate meeting rooms into the video conferencing solution
  • Webex Calling: cloud-based telephony solution
  • Webex Contact Center: advanced, standardised contact centre solution



Our tried-and-tested partner: Cisco Webex

Managed Communication Service

Our managed communication service (MCS) is a modern communication solution for use in business communication in the areas of voice, collaboration and alarms. Regular rental costs mean that there is no one-off investment, ensuring that the costs for your company can be clearly calculated. All service and maintenance services are also included in the usage costs. We only charge you for the features and components that you actively use (‘pay as you use’).



Our service features

  • State-of-the-art, hybrid unified communication & collaboration system
  • Consulting on and development of the communication solution
  • Delivery, installation and configuration of the solution
  • Updates as per the manufacturer’s instructions, if required
  • The solution can be expanded and developed at any time without requiring any investment



Our tried-and-tested partners: 3CX, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Innovaphone, Mitel

Managed Mobile Service

Is your building ready for the Internet of Things? If the answer is no, we wholeheartedly recommend our managed mobile service. Mobile phone coverage in buildings can be expanded and improved in line with Swiss requirements and with mobile phone operator certification, meaning you’ll have full reception in every nook and cranny of your building.



Our service features

  • Planning, installation and commissioning of the solution, tailored to your building
  • Scalable multi-operator 3G/4G repeater solution
  • Solution monitoring and frequency adjustment (if required)
  • Equipment maintenance



Our tried-and-tested partner: Coiler