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Planning and operation management

Planning and operation management’s work involves the definition of the organisation in order to implement contractually agreed-upon services. Services rendered internally are organised and external third-party services are acquired. In addition, staff requirements are clarified and process defined.

For the planning and operation management of a client mandate, the mandate organisation provides the foundation for the facility management and the basis for creating and implementing the property and facility management strategy. Bouygues Energies & Services develops a bespoke operator model for every client and mandate in order to do justice to the requirements and needs of the property and its occupants.


The services that are agreed on with the owner and client are performed by an experienced team on site. Normally, a mandate organisation includes the regional head, the team leader, and the technical and infrastructure employees. The local team is managed by the regional head and is in continuous exchange with each other and communicates in accordance with clear processes and structures. Consequently, Bouygues Energies & Services can react to all concerns on the part of the owners and clients as well as the users and act in a service-oriented and proactive manner.


During operation, the settings of the technical systems are controlled, continuously monitored and kept in check. If necessary, systems are fine tuned and consumables are replenished. Close cooperation with users is important here so that operational requirements can be seamlessly taken into account.