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Kummler+Matter EVT

Energy & operational optimisation

We optimise the running of your HVAC systems to guarantee efficient operations that conserve resources – after your system has been installed and throughout its entire lifespan. Energy and operational optimisation protects the environment and pays off for you by reducing your energy and water consumption, as well as the associated costs.

Our services:

First, our experts will explore your requirements and take a tour of the building to identify any energy pain points and potential savings. We then document the energy and media requirements of your property and compare these against SIA benchmarks. On request, we can provide you with a Building Energy Certificate for the Cantons (GEAK) and reveal the impact that renovation work would have on your energy needs.

Our approach:

To make sure that you get the optimum results, we use standardised IT tools and have a central specialist department that coordinates all external and internal queries. When it comes to specialist services such as simulations, we call on our network of experienced partners. We have a range of solutions available for detailed energy controlling. All solutions give access to building technology measuring stations in real time and enable automated analysis of measurement data based on various periods, such as month and year, to enable meaningful comparisons.

Your advantages:

By choosing our energy and operational optimisation, you are protecting the environment and cutting your energy and water costs. Transparent reporting with proof of savings means that you always have an overview of your property, while the automated alert system helps you detect pain points early on. Your property runs in a cost-effective way and higher levels of comfort within the space increase user satisfaction.