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Kummler+Matter EVT

Lightning protection

We produce comprehensive, functional lightning protection systems for you. Quality and expert advice are given the highest priority to ensure the system provides safety throughout its entire lifespan.

To be effective, the individual parts of the entire external and internal lightning protection system must be planned and assembled as an integrated whole. Quality starts at the consulting and planning stage, and continues right through the life cycle of the facility. That's why we use only proven, high-quality products. Every lightning protection system is notified to the relevant building insurance provider, built in compliance with cantonal guidelines, and subjected to a quality check on completion.

Our services

  • Air-termination and down-conductor systems
  • Installation of various earthing systems such as: concrete-encased ground; ground ring; deep wells
  • Implementation of potential equalisation throughout the building/facility
  • Over-voltage protection with general and detailed protection concept

Our service covers:

  • Comprehensive advice and support from the initial planning phase
  • Assistance in selecting installation components
  • Expert system integration
  • Professional, cooperative order implementation
  • Cost-effective, high-tech assembly
  • Extensive experience of large and small projects