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Together further

Space for innovation

Innovations form the basis of civilisational progress and are a prerequisite for economic development and entrepreneurial success. Innovation is also a core element of the ‘Together further’ culture and corporate strategy at Bouygues Energies & Services. Whether it’s climate change or the digital transformation: we as a company must overcome the major challenges of our time through innovative, marketable solutions and actively shape change – and this requires creative freedom and a global network.

A culture of innovation

The focal points of our innovation activities are based on our strategic axes: Green, Smart and Operational Excellence. We believe in the strength of cooperation in all phases of a project, as innovation arises through and is supported by our employees, their ideas and concepts. It is only through this collective intelligence that our projects gain value.


By uniting the companies of the Bouygues Group and our individual trades, we can help shape the world of tomorrow and work together to find new, innovative solutions, processes and working methods for and with customers, partners and employees. To this end, we create a working environment that promotes creativity and innovation among our employees and we offer numerous internal programmes:


  • Promoting ideas: Ideas and projects in the field of innovation or research and development are supported with personnel and/or financially.
  • Research, development & innovation (RD&I) community: Initiatives and projects in the BYES innovation community. Global networking with colleagues.
  • Business innovation field: Monitoring trends and new technologies as well as your contact partner for innovative ideas, needs and projects.

Bouygues Group innovation community

With this video series, we invite you to discover the innovation community in France, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Learn more about the projects our teams are working on.

Discover our innovation community