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Smart City Map

Visitors to the “smallest smart city in the world” can experience smart applications and technology in a real environment. Together with our partners, we develop this technology constantly and create solutions and concepts for more efficient, liveable and sustainable sites, districts, municipalities and cities.

  1. Smart Lighting Retrofit
    A light management system and data network rolled into one: conversion of existing lighting systems into an intelligent infrastructure.

  2. Smart Lighting & Lamppost Charging
    From lighting to charging: charging stations for electric vehicles with existing lighting infrastructure.

  3. Smart Security & Smart Mobility
    Secure and connected: access through number plate recognition and allocation of free parking spaces.

  4. Wattway Solar Road
    Innovative, drive-over photovoltaic road panels: roads and squares are used to generate autonomous and local renewable energy.

  5. Internet of Things (IoT) & Data Platform
    Data collection, processing and visualisation: sensors and platforms enable a variety of new networked processes and applications.

  6. Data collection with drones
    Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly: data collection from the air to assess the current status and formulate measures for optimisation.

  7. GetYourSpace light analysis
    Mobile and efficient: recording of the current lighting situation in public areas in order to devise measures for optimisation.

  8. Smart lighting from Zumtobel/Thorn
    Intelligent and cutting-edge: custom-designed lighting technology with sensors and control functions for secure, resource-efficient lighting.

  9. Smart Security
    Protection for sensitive infrastructure: thermal and multi-sensor camera systems with event-controlled alarms and remote access.

  10. Power-to-gas (P2G) system from Hydrospider AG
    Decarbonising transport with green hydrogen: the first commercial plant in Switzerland to produce hydrogen using electricity from hydropower.

  11. Smart Mobility
    Charging stations for electric vehicles with electricity generated from hydropower: for a zero-emissions commute.

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