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A brand of Bouygues Energies & Services

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In view of sparse resources, fluctuating commodity prices and the uncertain situation in the world, “renewable energies” is the key word of our age. What will still be available tomorrow? Is heating with oil or gas still viable today?

We know what you need to know. Our experts will provide answers to all your questions. For all sizes of building, for all relevant energy carriers. We not only advise, we also carry out all installation work.


And we also possess the necessary expertise when it comes to mechanical infrastructures for industrial projects. Industrial plant construction, district heating, unit heating power stations for new developments as well as renovations, repairs and maintenance of all types of heating systems are areas in which we provide competent consultancy and installation services.

Our services:

  • Consultancy, planning, implementation, service
  • Heat generation: oil, gas, geothermal heat pumps, air and water heat pumps, wood-fired furnaces
  • Heat distribution: water and air pipe systems
  • Heat release: underfloor heating, individually customised radiators, radiant heaters
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Solar plants
  • Renovation and optimisation of heat generation systems