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Kummler+Matter EVT

Technical Facility Management

Well-organised technical facility management enhances the operational safety and availability of infrastructure for users. You secure value preservation and the investments in technical systems for the owner.


At its core, technical facility management covers the operation and maintenance of building structure and technology as well as technical building equipment. We ensure the operational readiness of your facilities and low energy consumption with our technical facility management. We optimise the life cycle costs of your facilities, beginning with project development all the way to professional maintenance.

Maintenance & inspection

The areas heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, sanitary installations and electrical installations form the heart of the building technology. We contribute to the value preservation of your system through regular maintenance.

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Malfunction analyses & repairs

Our systems analyse malfunctions as they occur and identify the causes. Thanks to our call-out service, we are your first contact round-the-clock in the event of any malfunction.

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Help desk & call-out services

Your employees can communicate their concerns via a central contact point at any time because the help desk of Bouygues Energies & Services is occupied 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The steps needed to solve your problems are initiated according to the situation by the help desk.

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24/7 alarm centre

Unwelcome surprises do not respect office hours. Consequently, automatic detection of malfunctions in building management is becoming increasingly important. Our networked alarm centre offers you monitoring and immediate measures with our call-out rapid response service from one source.

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Acceptance & commissioning

Completion of a building and its acceptance by the owner is an essential milestone. This is because at this point the planners and executing companies normally leave the project and hand it over to the building owner and building management. What now counts is good information preparation for the transfer and commissioning, especially regarding building technology.

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Maintenance planning

We support you in developing systematic, user-oriented and planned preventative maintenance planning of your properties and their technical assets. The goal is to reduce the overall expense and as a result the costs for management of the buildings and to extend the life cycle of the building technology.

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Construction site security & access control

With the ZuKo++ access control system, Bouygues Energies & Services delivers a product that significantly increases construction site security. Its detailed access and time evaluation functions allow for easy and transparent recording of work hours, as well as providing complete documentation in the event of an investigation into illegal work, fraud or theft. So you always have control over your construction site.

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Hygiene inspections

Our well-trained employees are constantly kept up to date about the newest version of applicable norms and technology. The hygiene inspection, carried out at regular intervals, contributes to a secure, clean environment for you and your customers.

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ICT services

Information and communication technology is a constantly changing, dynamic area. Its rapid development promotes forward-looking and integrated solutions.

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Electrical installations

The range of our services covers all areas of electrical installations. Our decades of experience enable us to perform installations in structures such as service buildings, business premises, schools, hospitals or hotels quickly and without delay.

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