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Our ICT experts were able to implement a highly reliable communications system that ensures smooth call centre operations for employees at Santander Consumer Finance Schweiz AG. Thanks to its longstanding partnership with the company, Bouygues Energies & Services was able to expand and upgrade the existing system gradually.

Having reliable communications infrastructure is essential for Santander, as malfunctions result in high costs. We have been impressed by the quality and security of the implemented solutions. We have a great relationship with the ICT team at Bouygues Energies & Services and know that we can rely on them. They always manage to implement what we need efficiently and carefully.

Adrienne Rall, Human Resources/Office Manager, Santander Consumer Finance Schweiz AG

Facts & figures

Business unit ICT
Customer Santander Consumer Finance Schweiz AG
Location Schlieren, Switzerland
Completion 2022

The customer

Santander Consumer Finance Schweiz AG, based in Schlieren, offers its customers various financing and insurance solutions for the Swiss market. SCF provides a range of vehicle-related financial products and services to private and business customers who want to buy a car. As a financial services provider, the company has stringent requirements for the reliability and availability of its communications infrastructure so as to ensure business continuity.

The task

Santander Consumer Finance Schweiz commissioned the ICT specialists from Bouygues Energies & Services to set up an extremely reliable, high-availability system for the entire communications infrastructure. Including an automated assistant for language selection in order to guide customers through finance and insurance options. One of the company’s key concerns was to ensure smooth call centre operations for employees working from home using a company-wide softphone program.

The solution

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with Santander Consumer Finance Schweiz, the existing communications system has been continuously upgraded and expanded with the aim of ensuring the highest possible level of reliability. The solution has a redundant call server infrastructure. It is vital that all information is immediately available, especially in the call centre. The automated reporting of call centre calls allows the customer to monitor quality and easily adjust the agent skills to accommodate potential peaks in certain product groups.

Cutting-edge technologies

A central, redundant call server connected to the public telephone network was implemented in order to substantially reduce maintenance costs. The centralised architecture incorporates all critical components of this communications platform. For staff at Santander Consumer Finance Schweiz AG, the company-wide softphone program offers unobstructed, hassle-free work in the office or at home, and encompasses all call centre agent functions without restriction. The call centre supervisor is provided with up-to-date real-time data on the capacity of all agents and agent groups. This allows any excess or shortfall in workload among individual agent groups to be rebalanced quickly by reassigning the agents. Using a pre-set calendar, calls from the different main numbers are automatically forwarded to the correct agent group or company message based on day or night mode. Automated operation makes it easier for the customer to work without going into the system, so it precludes the risk of incorrect use. Regular updates of the entire communications solution also ensure that the customer always has updated infrastructure at their command. Extensions to the communications solution can be implemented quickly and easily at any time.


Telephony platform: Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise

Contact centre: Alcatel-Lucent OTCCS


The solution was implemented to the full satisfaction of the customer.