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New communication platform for Bucher Leichtbau AG

Lightweight construction has been the central focus and driving principle of Bucher Leichtbau since it was founded in 1953. The company, which has its headquarters in Fällanden in the Zurich Oberland and additional locations in Everett (USA) and Sinn-Fleisbach (Germany), designs, plans and executes innovative, unique, customer-specific lightweight construction solutions for aviation, air rescue and the automotive industry. In order to develop and offer products and solutions at this high level, the company required an optimised, reliable and modern communication platform for internal and external communication and collaboration.

ICT specialists from Bouygues Energies & Services implemented a communication solution for Bucher Leichtbau that meets the demands of the digital age and company’s exacting requirements.

The requirements

  • Replacement of the previous OTBE telephone system

  • Update of the telephone system to the current release status (OXE Purple)

  • In the future: secure working-from-home workplaces via the Rainbow solution from Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise

The solution

After intensive consultation with the customer to understand their needs, the ICT team from Bouygues Energies & Services developed a bespoke concept. The previous OTBE telephone system was removed and the telephone system was updated to the current release status (OXE Purple). Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise provided the new telephony platform, based on the Rainbow UCC – Unified Communications and Collaboration platform from Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise.


Alcatel-Lucent’s OmniPCX Enterprise Purple System SIP technology guarantees a new open architecture concept. The enterprise platform for telephony enables reliable, high-quality communications in line with the digital age. It was seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure and expanded with state-of-the-art digital-hybrid components. This saved on costs, while offering maximum security.


Bucher Leichtbau in Fällanden is now working at different locations with UCC Rainbow Clients, cordless professional DECT telephones for the digital workplace and IP end devices. This makes moving around with individual devices far easier. When it comes to remote working, the overarching solution offers a convenient way of working from home or on the go. The collaboration platform facilitates location-independent teamwork and connects all of the company’s communication media in a single application environment. This means that functions such as telephony, video conferences, emails, chat messaging and cloud functions are available at any time in the office, at home or on the go via the central platform.


The Rainbow solution from Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise offers the customer the utmost convenience for processing calls quickly. Customer service teams can now offer customers a state-of-the-art omnichannel experience; an added benefit that helps the company to contact its customers from anywhere over a wide range of media via the central platform. This offers unbeatable quality coupled with top security.


The centralised architecture incorporates all critical components of this communications platform. Regular updates of the entire communications solution ensure that the customer always has updated infrastructure at their command. Extensions to the solution can be implemented quickly and easily.

Cutting-edge technologies

Telephony platform: Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise UCC

Cloud collaboration platform: Rainbow from Alcatel – Lucent Enterprise


Bucher Leichtbau was extremely satisfied with the project’s execution and implementation in cooperation with Bouygues Energies & Services in Switzerland, and this project can be considered a great success for all those involved.