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New telecommunications solution for Media Focus GmbH

The IT specialists at Bouygues Energies & Services had the opportunity to implement a new communication solution for Media Focus Schweiz GmbH, a company working in advertising, communications, sponsorship and media research. With the integration of Microsoft Teams, all employees are now able to work remotely from anywhere, internal and external communications are handled efficiently and straightforward collaboration is guaranteed. The integration of the solution into day-to-day operations ran smoothly, with the least possible disruption to media continuity and minimal effort. 

Media Focus Schweiz GmbH is a media research company that specialises in measuring advertising, communications and sponsorship. As a joint venture between international market research company AGB Nielsen Media Research B.V. and GfK Switzerland AG, Media Focus is part of a globally leading network in the field of advertising, media and consumer research. Media Focus depends on modern, reliable and continually scalable ICT infrastructure to enable it to respond to customer and partner requests in a timely manner. 

The task

The specialists at Bouygues Energies & Services were tasked with replacing the traditional telephone system. A solution that valued the communication strategy with partners and suppliers and could be implemented efficiently was very important to the customer. The customer had proposed Microsoft Teams as a solution for telephone communications – but this would need to be evaluated beforehand according to the catalogue of requirements. 

During the development phase, the following starting situation was identified:

  • The existing telecommunications solution was getting on in years and no longer met today’s modern telephony requirements
  • The maintenance costs generated by the system were too high
  • The infrastructure was complex and, in some cases, could no longer be replaced
  • The back-up mechanisms were limited
  • There was no high-availability system or security

Facts & figures

Business area ICT
Client Media Focus GmbH
Location Zurich

The solution

Analysis carried out by Bouygues Energies & Services confirmed that the desired telephony functions could be covered by Microsoft Teams. The modern communication solution from Microsoft also enables numerous enhancements to be made to other areas of communication. Bouygues Energies & Services created the basis for the expansion of voice integration in Microsoft Teams through an actual-state analysis of the existing system and a global review of the Microsoft Tenant.

Flexible integration without lengthy interruptions

The new communication platform was set up in parallel to the existing solution. The implementation method and transparent project management by Bouygues Energies & Services enabled an almost uninterrupted transition of business communications. The solution was checked thoroughly at Media Focus Schweiz GmbH through a Proof of Concept (POC) before the actual migration took place. Using this integration method, extensive testing was performed beforehand to ensure that as few adjustments as possible would have to be made in live operation on the migration date. 


The new communication solution did away with all desk telephones, resulting in additional flexibility and mobility for the customer. Employees can work on the go using the software-based application on all possible end devices such as notebooks, smartphones or tablets no matter where they are. Employee availability and incoming call management have become simpler and more efficient. 

Cutting-edge technologies

The platform is based on the most secure, state-of-the-art technology concepts. The communication method implemented, the direct-routing concept, was performed in cooperation with provider Swisscom. The concept makes it possible to use a cloud solution without the use of hardware. The entire solution is cost-effective to purchase and the operating costs are easy to calculate.


Using a flexible integration method with a PoC (Proof of Concept), it was possible to perform various tests with the customer before migration of the solution. The go-live was executed according to plan and requested adjustments could be implemented very quickly. The new working environment enables the customer to make all their communication tasks faster, easier and more efficient. Cooperation between Bouygues Energies & Services and the provider ran smoothly. The migration and integration of the new SIP trunk could be completed without interruptions.


Frances Boillod, COO of Media Focus Schweiz GmbH, was extremely satisfied with the project’s execution and implementation in cooperation with Bouygues Energies & Services in Switzerland, and this project can be considered a great success for all the companies and stakeholders involved.


Platform: Microsoft Office 365

Applications: Microsoft Teams