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Peaks Place Apartment-Hotel & Spa in Laax

Hoteliers, employees, and hotel guests alike have come to expect outstanding digital infrastructure and services. The ICT specialists at Bouygues Energies & Services planned and delivered a centralised telephony solution for all hotel rooms and holiday apartments at the Peaks Place Apartment Hotel in Laax. It connects guests, hotel management and employees on a robust and reliable network across all locations and includes an alarm system comprising technical and personal alarms.

The Peaks Place Apartment-Hotel & Spa in Laax was built in 2015 and features 74 apartments over four floors. It is known for “peak” sporting experiences as much as for its cosy atmosphere, great cuisine, and the wellness options at its in-house spa. A stable and reliable telephony solution is a key puzzle piece in the digital infrastructure and services for guests, hotel management and employees.  

The job

The hotel management and the clients considered it essential to reliably connect all locations, hotel rooms and holiday apartments with a centralised telephony solution across the whole business. Likewise, they wanted the telephony functions to be available and stable at every location and on every IP device. After all, seconds can make all the difference in an emergency: safety features like personal and technical alarms sent by telephone, email or text message must be automatic, fast, and uninterrupted.

Facts & figures

Business area ICT
Client Peaks Place Apartment-Hotel & Spa in Laax
Location Laax

The requirements

  • Centralised telephony solution for all hotel rooms and holiday apartments
  • Guarantee a highly available, stable system and reliability across all locations
  • Connection to the client’s hotel management system
  • Standardised connection to the PMS system with the client’s custom specifications
  • Check-in and check-out features for guest and hotelier with invoicing functions
  • Alarm server solution for raising personal and technical alarms
  • Alarms communicated via different media such as email and text message
  • The solution monitors all critical doors and alerts the necessary user groups when needed
  • The contact centre software and call handler solution guarantees the client optimal call routing based on defined parameters

The solution

The Peaks Place Apartment Hotel and Bouygues Energies & Services can look back on a long and trusting partnership. Our ICT specialists maintained and continually developed the existing system. This meant they were deeply familiar with the in-house situation and best placed to develop a solution proposal for the client. Connecting the system to the public telephone network also helped to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Reliable performance thanks to a redundant call server infrastructure

We used the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Platform. It has a redundant call server infrastructure. The centralised architecture incorporates all critical components. In the event of a failure of the IT network, passive communication servers (PCS) redirect the calls to remote locations. This means communication outages are practically impossible.

Digital availability throughout the premises and on a wide range of IP devices

Guests are greeted personally from their first point of contact with the call centre and are connected to the relevant person without any waiting time. The central integrated call centre and call handler solution Contact Center Alcatel-Lucent OTCCS guarantees optimum routing of calls based on defined parameters. Guests can easily book appointments from their apartments or their own mobile device during their stay – and, vice versa, hotel staff can communicate with other departments without a problem. Guests and employees can use various IP-capable devices inside and outside of the hotel, meaning they can be reached at all times.  


The cutting-edge telephony solution was integrated into the existing hotel management system without issue. Its check-in and check-out functions with invoicing features and formalities at reception and its CRM features for marketing and customer care all run smoothly.

Alarm server system ensures safety in emergencies

The NewVoice Mobicall alarm server system installed by the Bouygues Energies & Services team links devices, sensors and the relevant safety employees or emergency personnel directly via phone, email or SMS in the event of an emergency. For instance, all critical doors in the spa area are monitored, and personal and door alarms are triggered in the event of an emergency. The system pinpoints exactly where in the building the alarm has been triggered.

Cutting-edge technologies

The telephony solution and infrastructure are always current and up to date and can be expanded easily. Regular updates to the entire communication solution and the alarm server ensure that the Peaks Place Apartment-Hotel always has up-to-date infrastructure at its disposal.


Telephony platform: Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise 

Contact centre: Alcatel-Lucent OTCCS 

Alarm server: NewVoice Mobicall alarm server for technical and personal alarms for evacuation 

Hotel application: Protel connection 

For us, it was essential for our telephony solution to be highly reliable and stable, and for it to meet the high communication and safety requirements of our modern hotel and apartment business. We were able to optimise and further automate our internal processes and workflows, making them more efficient and saving costs. And that’s not all: we run a spa covering an area of 850 m2. The fact that Bouygues Energies and Services have installed state-of-the-art personal and door alarms that sound the alarm at the slightest irregularity gives us and our guests great peace of mind. In Bouygues Energies & Services we have found a partner to support and advise us with the latest ICT technology and expertise. That’s something we can count on going forward.

Daniel Keller, Host and Director, Peaks Place Apartment-Hotel & Spa, Laax