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Kummler+Matter EVT

Suvretta House offers its guests a luxurious stay with everything their hearts desire. Bouygues Energies & Services replaced the outdated sanitation systems and the fittings in the bathrooms to ensure that this also remains the case in future. 

Facts & figures

Trades Heating, ventilation, sanitation systems, multitec
Customer Suvretta House
Location St. Moritz
Services Restoration of outdated sanitation system pipes, replacement of bathroom fittings

In 1911, hotel pioneer Anton Sebastian Bon had a vision: He dreamed of a glamorous grand hotel in the mountains, a luxurious retreat for guests who should want for nothing in this special place. The result is a 5-star hotel that combines tradition and comfort perfectly. 


Our order

Project part 1: Renovation of the outdated sanitary system pipes

All pipes were made of galvanised steel, and the protection that they provided dropped continuously over the decades. Renovation or replacement was therefore necessary.

Project part 2: Replacement of the bathroom fittings

The hotel owners wanted to remodel all of the rooms and provide them with new fittings (taps, overflows, etc.) from the company Dornbracht.

Cross-trade teamwork

Project part 1: The heating, ventilation and sanitation trades were involved

The heating, ventilation and sanitation pipework in all riser zones have been gradually replaced over the years. During this process, the risers were connected to the existing bathroom pipes.

Project part 2: The sanitation trade was involved

All existing fittings in 80 rooms were replaced with Dornbracht Madison fittings. This also required adjustments in all areas. Furthermore: Almost every bathroom was custom-made.

The benefits

Project part 1:The water is clean, the leaks have been fixed - Suvretta House will now be safe in this area for decades.

Project part 2:The bathrooms shine in their former glory - the new fittings convey the exclusivity that Suvretta House has always exuded.

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