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The CAD-LP district heating system: an integrated, innovative and eco-friendly solution

Built around the Lancy – Pont-Rouge railway station, the new neighbourhood consists of twenty buildings comprising residential, office and commercial space and a school. The high-performance energy solution is designed to supply the whole user base with production estimated at around 20 GWh per year.


The complex, integrated solution consists of two production plants equipped with five cooling production units connected to 300 geothermal probes 300 m deep, drilled beneath the different buildings. These plants are connected to 20 sub-stations located in each building in the neighbourhood. They provide low temperature heating (36°) for all buildings and cooling (12°) for administrative buildings. Each sub-station is equipped with a heat pump enabling an increase in the network’s temperature to produce domestic hot water (55-65°). There is also an innovative wastewater heat recovery system built into the site’s production installation.


Today, a management and supervision concept designed entirely by Bouygues Energies & Services handles the operation, maintenance and energy monitoring of the installation. This state-of-the-art technology enables the centralised management of the buildings’ heating and cooling demand in a way that responds perfectly to current energy-related and environmental requirements.

Facts and figures

Client CAD-LP SA (Energie 360°: 85%; Bouygues Energies & Services: 15%)
Location Grand-Lancy (GE)
Trade sectors Multi-tech heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, MCR, ICT, service operation
Creation 2014–2023
Operation 2018–2048


Design, research, creation and commissioning & Operating the installations


  • 300 geothermal probes drilled to a depth of 300 m
  • 2,500 m of district heating system pipes installed
  • 2 production plants (combining 5 production units)
  • 1 city wastewater heat recovery station
  • 21 ECS heat pumps and 57 heat exchangers installed
  • 1 dedicated neighbourhood supervision system, developed by Bouygues E&S
  • 1 dedicated fibre optic network set up to connect all installations on site
  • 1 gas boiler to ensure the supply of heat in the event of severe cold
Bouygues Energies & Services created this district heating solution as the general contractor. This means it was involved in every stage of the pro-ject, from research and implementation to commissioning and operation. It’s a complex project that required a great deal of coordination, as each new building on the site was managed like a separate project with a different project manager.

Gilles Aplincourt, Engineering and Implementation Project Manager

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