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Multitech services for Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS)

Our experts rose to the challenge of providing a range of building services in the newly planned premises of Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS), which specialises in analytical services for quality assurance and control in the food/non-food sector. We installed everything from ventilation to building automation systems to ensure that everything was up and running without a glitch from the time of the move.

The client and the initial situation

Dietikon is home to the head office of SQTS (, which forms part of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. It operates as an independent provider of analytical services, company audits and consulting on hygiene and food law issues, along with laboratory analysis and technical inspections.


The ongoing expansion of the company led to a situation where the old premises were too cramped for optimal working processes. To remedy this, SQTS opted to move to larger premises, also in Dietikon. A number of structural changes needed to be made beforehand to ensure an optimal fit-out standard at the time of moving in. Among other companies, SQTS commissioned specialists from Bouygues Energies & Services in Uster to address this issue.

Facts & Figures

Services HVAC, building automation
Client Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS)
Location Dietikon
Year 2022 - 2023

Our assignment and services provided

Bouygues Energies & Services took a multitech approach to this project by providing a variety of services and areas of expertise. The various services were coordinated on the client’s behalf by just one contact person, which proved extremely beneficial. We installed the ventilation, heating, cooling and sanitary systems and building automation technology at the SQTS premises.


Our services at a glance:


  • Installation of heating and cooling sails on ceiling slabs
  • Installation of ventilation systems and construction of suitable ventilation ducts
  • Installation of recirculating cooling units in spaces with a lot of waste heat
  • Installation of cloakrooms and sanitary systems adapted to the needs of laboratories
  • Construction of sewage pipes
  • Installation of a building automation system (e.g. room automation and individual HVAC room control or interfaces to control light and shading)


The installation of the ventilation units proved especially challenging. The monoblock parts were installed first, before being combined to form five complex ventilation systems. There was only one goods lift available for transporting materials, so work had to be carried out quickly and in a coordinated manner. As the project was on a tight schedule, a lot of equipment had to be installed in a very short time. Yet our experts more than rose to the challenge and completed the work to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Ventilation installations

A total of five new ventilation units, positioned in different locations, were installed as part of the ventilation system for this project. This created the right air quality and a pleasant ambience for the different types of work carried out at SQTS. The ventilation systems were designed for both offices and laboratories, across all floors. To achieve the perfect indoor climate, heating and cooling ‘sails’ were attached to the ceiling slabs in the laboratory and office areas.


Recirculating cooling units were also installed in spaces where machinery or equipment generate a lot of waste heat. These universal cooling units are ideal for the laboratory sector and industry.

Cooling installations

Detailed planning and an awareness of the structural conditions on site were essential in ensuring that all of the services installed were appropriate and effective. For instance, new openings had to be created between the stairwells for the ventilation ducts, with the load-bearing structure taken into account. The cooling system also needed to be installed in a suitable location. The central cooling facility and storage system are located indoors, while the heat exchanger and load distribution unit are located on the outside terrace.

Sanitary installations

Bouygues Energies & Services experts were also commissioned to install the various sanitary systems. They installed the necessary appliances, supply and disposal apparatus and sanitary pipework according to the unconventional requirements of laboratories and cloakrooms.

Building automation

Our employees have also implemented various building automation systems in the building. These are configured as follows:


  • Field level
  • Room automation and individual room regulation for heating/ventilation/cooling
  • Interface for controlling light and shading
  • Automation substation level with switchgear set-up
  • Fieldbus system/bus topology: autonomous building technology network
  • Management level


The set-up also allows for an alert system to be applied to all heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitation technology.


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