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Above Lausanne, the 30-hectare Plaines-du-Loup eco-district has the ambition to welcome around 8,000 residents and create 3,000 jobs by 2034. The project intends to use cutting-edge technology while also meeting the city’s environmental, social and economic needs.  



In keeping with the 2,000-watt society – the environmental vision set out by ETH Zurich for the average citizen to reduce their annual energy use to no more than 2,000 watts by 2050, without any loss in standard of living – the energy plan is ambitious. Heating and hot water are supplied via geothermal energy combined with heat pumps, alongside heat recovered from waste water. Photovoltaic solar panels will produce the additional electricity needed for the pumps and for the domestic hot water supply. This complex system was designed to provide a fully renewable, zero-carbon heating system.  

Facts & figures

Client Services industriels de Lausanne (SiL)
Location Lausanne
Business areas Heating, Security & Automation, Electricity
Duration 2021-2023


For sector E:

  • Construction of heat production plants (5 units)
  • Construction of a boiler room for recovering energy from waste water
  • Connection of technical equipment
  • Construction of a digital control system



For all of the sectors in the eco-district:

  • Construction of a digital control system
  • Development of a centralised observation utility 

Key points

Our heating specialists were verymuch involved in sector E. The network has one boiler room per unit – five in total – alongside a boiler room for waste-water energy recovery. There are two heat pumps in each boiler room – one for heating, one for domestic hot water. These are supplied by nine geothermal probes that reach deep to collect heat – from 800 metres underground. 



Our specialists from Services & Automation were commissioned to install a digital control system, initially just for sector E. These regulation services will be extended to all of the sectors across the whole eco-district later. With its scalable nature, the system makes it possible to manage, monitor and optimise the entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning facilities and other related technologies. Additionally, a centralised observation utility will be developed to serve all of the Plaines-du-Loup production facilities.  

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More information about this project can be found in our article in our yES Magazine (available in german, french and italian).


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