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The Hotel Schweizerhof sets great store by a good ecological balance sheet and optimal energy use. To this end, Bouygues Energies & Services replaced the ventilation and heating regulatory system. Having done so, it took care to demonstrate, by measuring the heating and electricity use, that the renovation measures had achieved massive savings. 


Let go, leave everyday life behind, recharge your batteries, find inner peace, harmonise body, mind and soul: The Hotel Schweizerhof awaits its guests with an exquisite blend of luxury, design, nature, tradition and modernity in Lenzerheide. The economical use of energy and the use of natural materials have been a matter of course at the Hotel Schweizerhof Lenzerheide for many years now.

Facts & figures

Trade Heating, ventilation, multitec
Customer Hotel Schweizerhof, Lenzerheide
Location Lenzerheide
Services Replacement of the ventilation control system including energy optimisation, replacement of the heating control system, substation and circulating pumps

The condition of the facilities today

The controls of the ventilation and the heating system with its substations had to be replaced as they were too old and could no longer meet modern requirements. For Andreas Züllig-Landolt, the owner, it was very important to massively reduce the energy demands of the two facilities. An energetic side effect of adapting the hydraulics was low return temperatures in the district heating distribution network of the facility with reduced radiation losses.

Our implementation

  1. Replacement of the ventilation control system incl. energy optimisation
    Operation and airflow conveyance were realised according to requirements by installing air quality sensors and energy-efficient EC fans. All residual heat connections were replaced with injection type systems with gate valves to achieve low return temperatures. The district heat recovery system (KVS-WRG) between central input air and central output air was optimised in terms of control technology, and an old, outdated connection was identified and corrected.

  2. Replacement of heating control system, substations and circulating pumps
    The controls in the central heating system for heat generation, domestic hot water and the heating groups of the hotel were replaced. The hydraulics in all groups were converted to an injection system with gate valves to achieve low return temperatures. All circulating pumps were checked with regard to the required flow rates and replaced with energy-efficient, speed-regulated circulating pumps. Similar renovation work was realised in six building heating substations.

The result: energy efficiency, sustainability and lower costs

The goals of optimal energy savings and a corresponding reduction in CO2emissions were achieved. All main consumers/technical centres are recorded by means of thermal energy and electrical current measurements. This reveals the massive savings that have been achieved through the renovation measures.

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