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New refrigerating plant using the natural refrigerant CO2 keeps cheese fresh and customers cool.

From mountain cheese to raclette, the Naturparkkäserei in Diemtigtal AG (Diemtigtal Nature Park Cheese Dairy) produces a number of cheese delicacies from Simmental milk every year. To ensure the cooling of the 11 cold stores, Bouygues E&S InTec Switzerland Ltd. was commissioned to install a refrigerating system using the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744). The vacuum-packed cheese wheels are stored in these cold stores until further processing.

Facts and Figures

Business unit Cooling
Client Naturparkkäserei Diemtigtal AG
Location Oey
Order Volume CHF 398.000
Year 2019
Enabling the operation of a cheese humidor


A deluxe bistro for customers is being constructed on the premises of the Naturparkkäserei. In addition, the cheese humidor will provide an exclusive (and olfactorily fascinating) insight into cheese storage. Such a humidor poses a great challenge to a refrigerating system. This entails operating the room at a humidity of over 90% and at the same time a temperature of only 12 degrees.



Ensuring personal protection thanks to advanced sensors


In such a system, care is taken to ensure the protection of employees and customers at all times. For example, more than 19 sensors were installed in this CO₂-powered plant. They trigger an automatic alarm in the event of an accidental refrigerant leakage.

Our services

  • Construction of new refrigerating system using the natural refrigerant CO₂
  • Installation of more than 19 sensors for personal protection in case of refrigerant leakage
Waste heat is transferred to the pumped hot water heating system

The waste heat produced by the refrigerating plant is partly transferred to the pumped hot water heating system. The pumped hot water heating system transfers heat to various rooms and heats them. The remaining waste heat is discharged to the outside air by means of a gas cooler. In this way, the refrigerating plant contributes to the environmentally friendly operation of the cheese dairy.