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Renovation and modernisation for optimal air conditioning in a clean room

Stoppani Contract Manufacturing AG in Neuenegg BE – a member of the Swiss Factory Group – has produced various products for the engineering and vehicle industry for many years. As the products manufactured there cannot be contaminated, the production process has to be sterile. For this reason, Stoppani has one of the largest clean rooms in Switzerland. The challenge in a clean room is to keep the air as free from particles and germs of all kinds as is possible. Thanks to its high standard, Stoppani Contract Manufacturing AG can also supply high-tech industries such as the medical technology, semi-conductor, vacuum, optics and space sectors.

Facts & figures

Trade Cooling
Client Stoppani Contract Manufacturing AG
Location Neuenegg
Order amount CHF 82,000
Year 2021
Guaranteeing optimal air conditioning in a clean room


On behalf of Stoppani Contract Manufacturing AG, Bouygues Energies & Services replaced the machine that was responsible for air conditioning in the clean room. This machine plays a key role in generating and maintaining a specific room climate. In addition, the cooling connection lines from the machine to the cooling elements were installed by the Heating trade.



Replacement of individual elements of the ventilation monoblock system


In the case of large systems for the air conditioning of a room, ventilation monoblocks are frequently used. These serve as the central module from which various units – such as air filters, ventilators, air heaters and air coolers, etc. – originate. In the case of Stoppani Contract Manufacturing AG, both the water chiller and the cooling elements were replaced. At the end of the project, a 100 kW propane water chiller was put into operation.

Our services

  • Replacement of machine for clean room air conditioning
  • Changing of the water chiller and cooling elements in the ventilation monoblock
  • Installation of cooling connection lines from the machine to the cooling elements