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Achieving carbon dioxide targets together

The biggest private building site in Switzerland was located in Schafisheim, Aargau, for four years: right next to the A1, there was a huge hole in the ground, as big as four football fields. Today, this is the location of the Coop distribution centre, as well as the biggest bakery and patisserie facility in Switzerland, including a huge deep-freeze warehouse. During construction, Bouygues Energies & Services was able to demonstrate its expertise in the fields of refrigeration technology, security & automation and energy control.


Bouygues Energies & Services supported Coop in achieving its CO₂ targets: by 2023, Coop intends to operate all areas that it can directly influence CO₂ neutrally. Specifically, this means that the refrigeration systems will run on ammonia – a natural, environmentally-friendly refrigerant.


In addition, the latest building automation system was used, ensuring convenience, efficiency and low operating costs. Moreover, as a result, all the data needed for energy control is collected. Consequently, energy consumption can be recorded in detail and understandably illustrated, thanks to the practical energy control app. The sustainable, energy-efficient operation of the new distribution centre is guaranteed.

Facts & figures

Business unit Refrigeration technology, Security & Automation, Energy concepts
Client Logistics centre Coop Schafisheim
Location Schafisheim
Order Volume approx. CHF 32 Mio.

Our services

  • Building technology
  • Safety technology (fire alarm, evacuation, intercom and video monitoring systems)
  • Guaranteeing building automation interfaces (15,000 data points)