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Construction of new turnkey substation

Through this facility, Swissgrid is, on the one hand, ensuring that the Nant de Drance pumped storage works is connected to the transmission grid while, on the other hand, providing for international connection to France. In a final step in a few years, the power station La Bâtiaz belonging to Emosson SA will also be connected to the transmission grid via this facility.

Facts & figures

Business unit EnerTrans
Client National grid company Swissgrid
Location La Bâtiaz
Year 2018

The substation La Bâtiaz forms the intersection for four 380 kV overhead lines. Two of these lines are routed directly into the substation, while the other two lines are routed via a short section of cable under the Rhone plateau. La Bâtiaz power plant’s generator transformers are likewise connected via cables. The SF6 gas-insulated switching substation features single-phase enclosure and is equipped with a double bus bar. The facility is controlled and protected using a modern station control system and redundant line and distance protection devices. A high-performance diesel generator is available to ensure that the facility can continue to be operated securely even in the event of the outage of the external feed covering its own requirements. The building is equipped with a ventilation system, has various emergency exits to the outside and also houses a transformer station belonging to the local energy provider. The fact that the building is also of an adequate size and the switching substation hall is fitted with an overhead crane means that affected devices can be quickly replaced in the event of revision or damage. The substation is situated in the highest earthquake zone and thus requires the highest level of structural safety. Relevant guidelines had to be taken into account during planning, and appropriate measures had to be implemented during realisation. 


Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. constructs turnkey substation 

Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. planned and constructed this substation on Swissgrid’s behalf as the general planner, also bringing it into operation. Due to the complex grid expansion work, the substation needed to be brought into operation in different stages. Construction of the switching substation and operating building began in May 2016. Work on the electrics and ventilation installation was carried out in winter 2017. The installation of the switching substation and the ventilation and protection technology took place between June 2017 and March 2018. The substation was successfully put into commission in November 2018. 

Our services

  • Planning, project management, completion and commissioning
  • Building engineering
  • Engineering for primary technology (switching substation)
  • Engineering for secondary technology (protection, control technology, telematics, own requirements, diesel, measuring, counting)
  • Approval process
  • Safety concepts
  • Site management
  • Installation project management
Key figures
Construction: Switching substation hall: concrete floor and steel-girder construction, façade made from metal elements / Operating building: industrial construction in concrete, façade made from metal elements / Ventilation and fire alarm system
380 kV switching substation: 7 fields with double bus bar: Um = 420 kV, s/c = 63 kA / 3 s
Secondary technology: Station control system in accordance with IEC 61850/busbar protection and breaker failure protection, redundant line protection with distance and differential protection devices and fault recorder system/own requirements system 380/230 VAC and 110 VDC with battery systems for 10 h autonomous operation