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50-kV line Flumenthal – Luterbach

As part of the "Naturnahes Aareufer" (NAF – near-natural Aare river bank) and the new factory road to the Vigier Holding AG gravel quarry in Flumenthal, the cabling of the existing 50 kV overhead line into the factory road was planned. For this purpose, a concrete pipe block with seven PE pipes (6 x nominal diameter 150 mm, 1 x nominal diameter 120 mm) and two socket shafts were created. The subterranean crossing of the Siggern using horizontal drilling was a particular challenge.


This adaptation to the construction affected various plots in the municipalities of Flumenthal, Luterbach and Riedholz. For the necessary planning application to the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations, it was first necessary to acquire the electricity transmission rights from a total of nine landowners by means of easement contracts, compensate them as well as publicly register and enter them into the land registry. Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. was able to acquire all rights from the landowners by private contract and then conclude the project professionally, cost-effectively and on time to the satisfaction of all involved.

Facts & figures

Business unit EnerTrans
Client Aare Versorgungs AG (AVAG)
Location Flumenthal–Luterbach
Year October 2016 to July 2017 (conclusion of the easement contracts)
Negotiations with landowners


Thanks to the on-site visits and professional explanations about the project, the negotiations with the landowners ran smoothly. The easement contracts were quickly signed, certified and entered into the land registry – not least because most of the landowners granted Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. power of attorney for dual representation.


Dual representation?


Dual representation means that the authorised signatory (Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd.) represents both the owner of the line (AVAG) and the landowner. This is only approved by the official notary if the landowner grants their approval for the appropriate power of attorney by way of a certified signature. This procedure facilitates an efficient processing of the certification process.  

Our services

  • Preparing the real-estate value table
  • Recording the affected plots
  • Identifying the landowners (excerpt from the land registry)
  • Preparing the general site plans
  • Preparing the contract documents in agreement with the official notaries
  • Calculating the compensation per plot
  • Making contact with the landowners
  • On-site visits to the landowners
  • Registering for certification for land registry
  • Certifying at the official notary office with dual representation
  • Supporting the project manager and the construction firm in case of discrepancies with the landowners during the construction phase
Key figures
Length of pipe block: 3.1 km
Number of easement contracts to conclude: 9 landowners with a total of 24 lots
Compensation: CHF 67,200
Duration of compensation: 25–50 years


Factsheet (German version) "50-kV line Flumenthal – Luterbach"