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The power-to-heat (P2H) plant in Niedergösgen in the canton of Solothurn generates process steam using two electrode boilers, each with an electrical output of 11MW. The plant is located on the site of the Gösgen hydropower plant and began operations in mid-April 2017. The location is ideal for the flexible use of the P2H plant thanks to its proximity to the steam line between the Gösgen nuclear power plant (KKG) and the Model AG paper mill, as well as to the hydropower plant and electricity grid infrastructure.

Facts & figures

Business Unit EnerTrans
Client Alpiq
Location Niedergösgen
Order amount CHF 9.5 m
Year 2017
Alpiq takes advantage of new business opportunities with power-to-heat technology


Alpiq will offer the electrode boilers with 22 MW output on the attractive balancing energy market. This is made possible thanks to the plant's innovative concept. Via the balancing energy market, the transmission system operator balances out differences between generated and consumed electricity and thus contributes to the stability of the electricity grid. With the increase in fluctuating electricity production from wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, this balancing has become an increasingly demanding task for grid operators.  


Power-to-heat technology is a flexible and efficient solution for balancing capacities. Alpiq is exploiting these benefits and following its strategy of using innovative approaches to take advantage of new business opportunities in the energy markets.


In addition to marketing in the balancing energy market, these include potential cooperation with the Model AG paper mill. The paper mill obtains the process steam it needs from the Gösgen nuclear power plant (KKG). While it will continue to do so, Alpiq's new power-to-heat plant in Niedergösgen can supply steam during KKG's annual inspection. Process steam is fed underground directly into the existing heating steam pipeline. The heart of the plant, the boiler house, which houses the complete steam generation and plant control system, as well as the switching system for the connection to the hydropower plant, was designed, planned and built by Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. The use of a BIM programme enabled fast and efficient planning that optimally took into account the requirements of the various sub-projects.


Construction of the boiler house began in early October 2016, and the two boilers were lifted into the building via the still open roof at the end of November 2016. The systems started to be installed in January 2017 and commissioned in March 2017. In mid-April 2017, just six months after the groundbreaking ceremony, the plant went into commercial operation. Construction costs amounted to roughly CHF 9.5 million.


Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. proves the power of services "from a single source", from project planning and approval to construction and commissioning.


Factsheet (German version) «EnerTrans Alpiq Niedergösgen»