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New multi-voltage test facility

BLS AG operates a 420 km railway network, the second largest standard-gauge railway network in Switzerland, built and maintained by BLS Netz AG  . BLS Cargo AG, which transports goods between the North Sea and the Mediterranean, also belongs to BLS AG. The locomotives used for this purpose are equipped with various voltage systems. They can be tested with the correct test voltage in the MSPA test facility to ensure their operational fitness.

Facts & figures

Business Unit EnerTrans
Client BLS AG
Location Spiez
Order amount CHF 1m
Year 2019
Four test voltages - one test system


MSPA is connected to the regional 16 kV grid. Two transformers are used to transform the voltage to 25 kV and 1.172 kV, which supply the 25 kV switchgear and the 1.5 kV / 3 kV rectifier, respectively. The 15 kV system is directly connected to the railway network of BLS Netz AG. A cable conduit system connects the various voltage systems to a central switching station in the track area. From there, the desired test voltage is fed via a cable connection to the ceiling conductor rail in the test field where the locomotives can be tested. All test voltages can be fully automatically selected from a single operator station.


Installation - Assembly - Commissioning


The larger components, weighing up to 5.5 tonnes (switchgear, transformers), were brought into the test hall by rail. At the assembly site, the switchgear was lifted onto the raised floor. This was done in cooperation with BLS Netz AG and a logistics company. Innovative solutions had to be found for the installation of the units in order to maintain available installation height. Medium-voltage cables, epoxy resin-insulated cable sleeves and a fully insulated conductor rail system among other things were used for this purpose. As much of the installation work was carried out in the track area, installation personnel trained in railway safety were employed. The installation work was followed by the commissioning of the protection and control system. The control system in particular proved to be complex, as the MSPA has various interfaces to an already existing testing facility. The MSPA also had to be integrated into the higher-level traction current control system. After successful commissioning, the plant was put into operation under the management of Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd. 

Our services

  • Detailed project planning for primary technology (switchgear, transformers, medium-voltage cable connections)
  • Detailed project planning for secondary technology (protection and control technology)
  • Planning construction (raised floor, fencing system, cable conduit system)
  • Procurement and delivery of all components
  • Installation
  • Assembly
  • Site management
  • Commissioning
Key figures
Mains voltages 15 kV AC, 16.7 Hz 25 kV AC, 50 Hz 1.5 kV DC 3.0 kV DC
Switchgear: 16 kV, Schneider Electric, FBX 25 kV, ABB Schweiz AG, UniGear R40 1.5 / 3 kV rectification system, Sécheron SA
Transformers: 1 unit ABB Schweiz AG, 1 unit MF Trasformatori Srl


Factsheet (German version) "EnerTrans BLS"