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New control technology for ARA Kandersteg

21.01.2021Bouygues Energies & Services

The Kandersteg municipality commissioned Bouygues E&S Process Automation Ltd. to replace the control and instrumentation technology of the sewage plant. The aim was to ensure smooth operation in the future.


The Kandersteg municipality operates its own sewage plant at the ramp to the Lötschberg car train. Special: This sewage plant has a roof.


During the project planning, special attention was above all required to ensure that cleaning of the sewage was guaranteed at all times.


The PLC control, including decentralised peripheral devices, various measurement equipment installations and the instrumentation were replaced as part of the modernisation project.


A Siemens S7 controller as well as the Bouygues E&S Process Automation instrumentation system for sewage, which is based on the "ILTIS" product from IST Engineering, are now in use. Plant operation will be considerably improved by this innovation, thanks to more convenient operation facilities and malfunction and process data analyses. The modernisation was combined with simultaneous conversion to All-IP.