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Partnership with PSI Software for network control technology

03.12.2020Bouygues Energies & Services

Bouygues E&S Process Automation AG closes partner agreement with PSI Software AG from Aschaffenburg in the area of network control systems for the Swiss market area.


PSI Software AG has been developing and supplying solutions for energy suppliers and infrastructure utilities for more than 50 years. The business unit "Electrical Energy and Interconnection Control Systems" with which the partner agreement has been concluded develops software to control processes, in particular for SCADA/EMS/AGC/ADMS and OMS, schedule management and field force management systems for network operators that are used worldwide. Furthermore, PSI offers future-proof solutions for E-mobility solutions that can be integrated into the control system for the intelligent control and optimization of charging processes.


The partnership pursues two goals: market penetration with products of PSI Software AG in the Swiss market and to have a competent local partner in the BPRA. Thus, the implementation of projects as well as the execution of maintenance and support tasks in the area of network control systems perceived locally.


This cooperation has grown over many years and is confirmed by the partner agreement.
Shared innovation - for our customers.