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Kummler+Matter EVT

To eliminate major fluctuations in temperature, Georges Riederer Transporte decided to modernise and expand its HVAC system in order to meet specific requirements.

Georges Riederer Transporte AG has been operating successfully for almost 30 years in the transport and logistics sector. It has several thousand square metres of warehouse space, which is leased individually and based on customer desires. Georges Riederer Transporte stands for punctuality, reliability, and flexibility.


Its customers include pharmaceuticals companies and food producers. Consequently, Georges Riederer Transporte AG is dependent on the prescribed temperature being guaranteed both during transport as well as in the warehouse and turnaround area.


Since small transporters regularly arrive at the storage depots and turnaround areas, major short-term temperature fluctuations occur due to open doors. To keep these fluctuations in the prescribed bandwidth, Georges Riederer Transporte decided to modernise and expand its HVAC system to meet specific requirements.


Bouygues Energies & Services was able to create an optimal solution together with Georges Riederer Transporte. The new HVAC system meets the company’s specific demands, ensuring Georges Riederer Transporte AG will in future be able to ensure the temperatures demanded effortlessly.

Facts & Figures

Trades Ventilation, air conditioning, sanitation, electrical engineering
Client Georges Riederer Transporte AG
Location Spreitenbach
Order volume approx. CHF 750.000
Year 2017

Our services

  • Consulting for the optimal solution
  • Installation of ventilation systems
  • Installation of reversible heat/cold generators
  • Installation of air conditioning systems for office areas
  • Associated sanitation and electrical installations