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Written QP simulation in Zurich Block 22

21.02.2022Bouygues Energies & Services

On 17 February 2022, the trainees in the electrical field (electrician and assembly electricians, both with Federal VET Diploma) in the aforementioned region performed a test run of the written final apprenticeship examination. On the following day, the examinations were corrected and discussed together with the trainees, and the section on professional expertise was also simulated orally.


Head of Vocational Training, Bajram JASARI, then demonstrated to the trainees which aspects should be paid special attention during the real examination to prevent losing any points.

Objective of simulation

Thanks to the test simulation, each trainee was given a greater sense of awareness of how important the time factor is in the written examination and which areas offered room for improvement to ensure successful completion of the QP as far as possible.


At this point, we would once again like to thank all those involved in the organisation and implementation of the simulation and wish this year’s graduates from all trades and professions every success in their final apprenticeship examinations.