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“Safe Attachment of Loads” training courses

13.06.2023Bouygues Energies & Services

Safely attaching loads is something that must be learnt – since 2022, only employees who have completed a training course and gained the necessary training certificate are authorised to attach loads to cranes. Attaching loads can often entail significant risks, which is why we place great importance on training in this field. In May 2023, we organised a training course on this in Aadorf (Thurgau).

Since 2022, attaching loads has been classed as “Work that involves particular hazards” and, according to Article 8 of the Swiss Accident Prevention Regulation (VUV), any employees that carry out this sort work are obligated to undergo training. After a transition period, training certificates are checked on a regular basis by Suva. Transporting loads with a crane involves a certain risk if the loads have not been attached professionally. Loads must be securely fastened and secured against slipping or tipping over in order to prevent serious accidents.


Regular training courses

Here at Bouygues Energies & Services, we have been organising regular training sessions on this subject since January 2023. Alongside a theoretical introduction to the relevant terminology and knowledge regarding slings, great value is also placed on seeing the theory implemented in practice. 


After completing the training course, employees should...:


  • ... be able to attach and load loads safely and responsibly
  • ... know the different types, characteristics and names of slings
  • ... be able to handle slings correctly
  • ... be able to select and scale suitable slings for any situation
  • ... know which measures to employ to prevent accidents and other hazards from occurring
  • ... be familiar with the legal situation regarding this subject


The course leader also shows our employees how to implement the theory that they learned in practice. In addition, our members of staff have the opportunity to ask questions, have any uncertainties cleared up and observe the implementation in detail.

Occupational safety is our top priority

Occupational safety is a top concern of ours and we place great importance on ensuring that our employees have all the support that they need to execute their work and provide services safely, professionally and to the highest standard.


We are delighted that we are able to help keep our employees safe through the successful running of our “Safe Attachment of Loads” training courses.