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Kummler+Matter EVT

Kriens-Mattenhof railway station: barrier-free thanks to Kummler+Matter EVT

13.08.2019Bouygues Energies & Services

The Kriens-Mattenhof stop will be comprehensively modernised and extended. In the railway area, the platforms on both sides will be extended by 20 metres each. Most of these platforms will be covered, which will enable boarding and alighting protected from the weather.

Professional for press drilling


Marti Bauunternehmung AG is responsible for the reconstruction of the station, Kummler+Matter EVT completed three track crossings (DN 300, 400 and 500) between 24 July and 5 August 2019. These are crossings underneath the railway tracks, through which sewers and cable lines will be pulled at a later date. Kummler+Matter EVT used a press drilling rig (see diagram below) to realise these track crossings. The company is one of the absolute experts in this field. One advantage of this is that the drilling can be carried out without restricting railway operations. In addition, the short construction time, low construction costs and reduced noise emissions speak in favour of the process.

Booklet «Press drilling (DE)»