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International Geneva - extensive work for the ILO

22.03.2021Equans Switzerland AG

The biggest public building in Switzerland was built at the beginning of the 1970s. It is now outdated and no longer meets current requirements for safety, energy efficiency and interior design. As part of the renovation project, the asbestos was removed, façades insulated, technical systems replaced, interiors renovated and safety installations updated to the state of the art.


Comprehensive planning

Bouygues Energies & Services was commissioned to completely renovate the high and low voltage systems. To achieve this, the eleven stories of the main building are being fitted with electrical cables, distribution networks, lighting systems, safety systems, telephone networks and data lines. The work was carried out during ongoing operation and took place in three phases.


"We have to equip all the workplaces of a building while it is in use. As a result, meticulous planning and monitoring of the work is essential for the project's success." Thierry PREILE, Electrical Department Head

Thanks to the sophisticated industrial technology of the manufacturer Beckhoff, we were able to offer a far more efficient solution than requested in the call for tenders. Consequently, the number of controllers and single room regulators plunged from 4544 to 44. This solution is not only far more economical in terms of installation, but is also easier to maintain in the long term.
When courage and innovation go hand in hand

In addition, Bouygues Energies & Services is in charge of the system regulation. This includes control of the heating, air conditioning and lighting as well as the opening and locking mechanisms for all workplaces. The Security & Automation Department proposed a bold version during the call for tenders: installing systems with centralised "intelligence" per storey and not per office. An innovative solution that greatly reduces the number of devices needed to regulate the systems.


The ILO will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. The conversion work is to have been completed by then. Bouygues Energies & Services is proud to have been involved in the project.