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Hydrogen production plant for a sustainable mobility

15.12.2021Equans Switzerland AG

Switzerland's largest production plant for the manufacture of green hydrogen for commercial use in emission-free heavy goods transport is located in Niedergösgen – also thanks to Bouygues E&S EnerTrans Ltd.

On the company area of EnerTrans, Hydrospider (a joint venture between Alpiq, H2 Energy and Linde Gas) has built a power-to-gas plant that produces hydrogen by means of electrolysis. The required electrical energy is produced on-site from the Alpiq Gösgen hydropower plant. The green hydrogen produced is used to power a new fleet of fuel cell electric trucks, primarily intended for regional distribution of food and goods.


With a capacity of 2 megawatts, it is currently the largest plant in Switzerland for the production of green hydrogen for commercial use. The plant has a production capacity of up to 300 tons of hydrogen per year, which guarantees the supply of 40 to 50 trucks.


The hydrogen produced in Niedergösgen is filled into spceial containers at a pressure of 350 bar and then transported to the corresponding hydrogen filling stations.


EnerTrans was already involved in the planning of the project in the preliminary and construction phases and has clarified numerous technical and approval-related questions. Later on, the approval procedures were conducted with all authorities such as the municipality, canton, building insurance or the Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations. As part of the implementation planning and realisation, EnerTrans was responsible for the electrical grid connection to Alpiq Gösgen hydropower plant.


Other companies of the Bouygues Group (Kummler + Matter EVT Ltd., Bouygues E&S Prozessautomation Ltd., Bouygues E&S InTec Ltd.) also made important contributions to the success of the plant.


The power-to-gas plant has commissioned since May 2020, thus contributing to the decarbonisation of heavy goods transport in Switzerland.


By 2025, around 1600 hydrogen-powered trucks should be on the Swiss roads, and further electrolysis plants are planned accordingly. EnerTrans would gladly provide its know-how also for follow-up projects.


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