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EPFL: Major order as a general contractor

29.04.2019Equans Switzerland AG

The existing heating and cooling infrastructure has reached the end of its service life. It no longer allows the construction of new buildings on the university campus. The new facilities must become more efficient and at the same time meet future demand and free themselves from fossil fuels. Bouygues Energies & Services InTec is leading this challenging project as a contractor. We take care of all aspects, from study to implementation.


Capacity increase


The heart of the plant is the thermal power plant: its renovation and extension with four heat pumps with a total capacity of 24 MW and 2 emergency gas boilers is cruicial. The building will house a computer center in a new building, the roof and facades of which will be covered with photovoltaic modules.


A new pumping station and a new sea pipeline will be built on the shores of Lake Geneva. They will double the capacity of the existing facilities serving both EPFL and the University of Lausanne. In addition to these major additions, the hydraulic network will be strengthened by the construction of new pipelines. The heat and gas distribution networks will also be expanded.

Strong commitment from our teams


The Bouygues Energies & Services InTec teams are heavily involved in the project. Especially in the electricity sector with large-scale work in low and medium voltage. Kummler+Matter is also involved.

Construction work began in early January and will continue until 2021.

I am very proud that we won this competition. This shows our ability to manage and execute major projects as a single contractor.

Damien ROULET, project manager