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Modern hangar on the Crap Sogn Gion

15.03.2021Bouygues Energies & Services

Bouygues E&S Intec is time and again responsible for major projects in the Flims-Laax-Falera skiing area. If you are on Crap Sogn Gion mountain, you will find a new building, whose building technology was installed by Bouygues E&S InTec: a multi-storey multifunctional hall, called the hangar


Hangar with space for 650 people


What serves as a restaurant for guests and for the children of the skiing and snowboard school, can be booked as an event hall on request. Spread over two storeys and a total of 600 m², the hangar has space for 650 people. The expansive window front covers the entire length of the south side and offers guests a unique view.


Multitec project in the Alps


Let us take a step back. In July 2018, Bouygues E&S InTec was asked to install the building technology for a restaurant below the mountain station (2252 m a.s.l.). However, the building is not just a restaurant, but also a multifunction hall.


The corresponding work could commence in September: Bouygues E&S InTec took care of the engineering and realisation of the heating, ventilation and sanitation systems – a classic multitec project! The extraordinary feature of the project: all of the material was transported to the mountain via cable car. Our fitters also came to work everyday by cable car.


Thanks to the multitec professionals of Bouygues E&S InTec, we managed to hand over the project on time at the season start at the beginning of December 2018.

Building technology in detail


  • Ventilation/heating: The hangar is ventilated and heated with a modern ventilation system. The air quantity is operated variably via the temperature and air quality. A simple exhaust system was installed for the restaurant kitchen in the basement.
  • Sanitation: Wet cells of the men’s and women’s toilets, complete sanitation installations in the basement.
  • In addition, the Satellite Bar with its restaurant containers was fitted with frost-proof building technology by BYES InTec.