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A brand of Bouygues Energies & Services
Kummler+Matter EVT

Smart Security & Smart Mobility

Secure networked access for sites and facilities: expanded access systems enable controlled and reliable entry with additional functions such as allocation and monitoring of parking spaces and gate control.

Benefits and key facts at a glance

  • Access monitoring with automatic number plate recognition and gate control

  • Access only for selected vehicles during specified periods

  • Inclusion of the current occupancy status of parking spaces and gate status by means of LoRaWAN sensors

  • Welcome message and parking space allocation on monitor display

  • Enables analysis (e.g. parking space occupancy, access times) and the issuing of notifications (e.g. cut-off times for gate openings or parking duration)

  • Individual add-on options (e.g. parking space reservation, automatic vehicle classification, occupancy status using camera systems, access via RFID tags)

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