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Data collection with drones

Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly: data collection by means of drones enables display of the current status, which serves as the basis for a wide range of applications and derived measures.

Benefits and key facts at a glance

  • Applications in urban areas with special drones and a range of equipment systems

  • Inspection and assessment of the condition of infrastructure, such as PV systems, engineering structures, power transmission systems and rail and road networks.

  • Georeferenced aerial photographs provide the basis for the creation of overview plans, orthophoto mapping, 3D models and digital twins

  • Surveying to determine areas, distances and 3D spaces (e.g. green spaces, building planning, construction site optimisation, heat islands, street index, etc.)

  • Support for blue-light organisations (overview of major events and crowd levels, search and disaster awareness, etc.)

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