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What does a ventilation system engineer do?

Ventilation system engineers construct and assemble ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

In the workshop, they manufacture ventilation elements in line with production plans. They are also well-versed in all fine sheet and connection profile work. They apply connection, joining and fastening techniques such as welding, bolting and riveting in a professional manner, using special tools and machines to do so. With the application of assembly plans, they install the ventilation and air-conditioning systems on the construction site. They determine the precise locations of cables, appliances, ducts and equipment based on these plans. They assemble air-conditioning equipment, fittings and control equipment along with the related ducts and pipes. Alongside assembly, their tasks include the repair of air-conditioning systems.

More information

  • Duration of apprenticeship

    - 3 years

  • Training locations

    - In the workshop
    - At the customer’s premises
    - On construction projects

  • Requirements

    - Completion of compulsory education, middle secondary level
    - Basic understanding of technology
    - Manual skills
    - Practical affinity
    - You enjoy working with metal
    - Spatial imagination
    - Excellent organisational skills
    - Independence

  • Further training

    - Additional apprenticeships in related fields
    - Federal Professional and Advanced Federal Professional Examination
    - University of Applied Sciences

  • Careers

    - Welding Specialist
    - Building Energy Consultant (Federal Professional Examination with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Qualified Technician, PEI, in Building Technology
    - Building Services Engineer BSc FH

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