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What does a refrigeration system planner do?

Refrigeration system planners ensure a pleasant living and working climate. This involves the creation of installation plans, diagrams and documents. With cooling and air-conditioning systems, along with heat pumps, they make sure storage rooms are well cooled, that apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, or hospitals are comfortably air-conditioned, and that cooling systems in industrial operations, research institutes, or artificial ice rinks are functioning properly. 

They work closely together with architects and engineers to identify requirements, recommend suitable materials, and systems, forecast, calculate, and create the required plans on the computer (CAD).


Refrigeration system planners work at computers, in the workshop or at construction sites. On site, they coordinate with builders to ensure that the systems are assembled and commissioned cleanly, without causing harm to the environment.

More information

  • Duration of apprenticeship

    - 4 years

  • Training locations

    - In the office at a computer workstation
    - At the customer’s premises
    - On construction projects

  • Requirements

    - Completion of compulsory education, upper to middle secondary level
    - Independence
    - Basic understanding of technology
    - Love of mathematics and physics
    - Precise and responsible working method
    - Excellent organisational skills
    - A good approach to dealing with customers

  • Further training

    - Additional apprenticeship as Refrigeration System Mechanic, Federal VET Diploma
    - Federal Professional and Advanced Federal Professional Examination
    - Professional Educational Institution (PEI/HF)
    - University of Applied Sciences (UAS/FH)

  • Careers

    - Head Fitter in Refrigeration
    - Heating Specialist (Federal Professional Examination with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Refrigeration Technician, PEI
    - Bachelor study programme in Building Technology HVAC, Energy and Environmental Technology, Mechanical Engineering

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