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What does a heating engineer do?

Heating engineers work with an array of different heating systems such as radiator heating, underfloor or ceiling heating, heat pumps, district heating, or water heating systems.

Heating engineers usually install, maintain and repair entire systems as part of a team. They receive the corresponding assembly plans and material lists from the building services planning team. They check the parts of the system supplied using the material lists. The assembly plan shows where individual system components have to be installed. Heating systems are complex systems. Individuals in this line of work draw the lines for heating and cooling water, seal the piping system against heat loss, and install radiators, control valves, temperature sensors, measuring devices, and other appliances. They commission the systems, check their functional capability and show customers how they work.


They also continually work with new technologies such as alternative energies or heat recovery.

More information

  • Duration of apprenticeship

    - 4 years

  • Training locations

    - In the workshop
    - Primarily at the customer’s premises
    - On construction projects

  • Requirements

    - Completion of compulsory education, middle secondary level
    - Basic understanding of technology
    - You enjoy working with metal
    - Manual skills
    - Practical ability and flexibility
    - Spatial imagination

  • Further training

    - Additional apprenticeships in related fields
    - Federal Professional and Advanced Federal Professional Examination
    - University of Applied Sciences

  • Careers

    - Head Fitter in Heating
    - Specialist for Heating Systems
    - Maintenance Specialist
    - Welding Specialist
    - Building Energy Consultant (Federal Professional Examination with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Qualified Master Heating Specialist
    - Qualified Head of Facility Management (Advanced Federal Professional Examination with an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Qualified Technician, PEI, in Building Technology
    - Building Services Engineer BSc FH

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