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What does a building services planner for sanitation do?

Building services planners in sanitation plan and calculate energy-efficient, technological building sanitation systems. They are interested in physical processes and energy-optimised technologies.

Building services planners focusing on sanitation take into account aspects of sustainability, applicable standards and provisions when planning. They create the planning documents on the computer using suitable planning and calculation programs. They also create individual construction and system sketches by hand. They are involved in technical coordination, the inspection of assembly work and commissioning tasks. They use their planning and organisational skills to support projects, working flexibly in a customer-oriented manner.


Due to their vast array of specialist knowledge, including in the field of materials and offers from fitting and appliance manufacturers, they are able to provide builders, architects and engineers with competent advice. On the construction site, building services planners monitor the assembly process. They discuss the execution details with assembly specialists, architects and builders alike. When the system is complete, they handle commissioning and check that it is working properly. Lastly, they create an operating manual and instruct operations personnel on how to use the system.

More information

  • Duration of apprenticeship

    - 4 years

  • Training locations

    - In the office at a computer workstation
    - At the customer’s premises
    - On construction projects

  • Requirements

    - Completion of compulsory education, upper to middle secondary level
    - You enjoy creating technical drawings
    - Interest in physical processes
    - Understanding of abstract relations
    - Spatial imagination

  • Further training

    - Additional apprenticeships in Building Services Planning for Refrigeration
    - Ventilation, Sanitation or Refrigeration Fitter
    - Federal Professional and Advanced Federal Professional Examination
    - University of Applied Sciences

  • Careers

    - Head Fitter in Heating, Ventilation, Sanitation
    - Project Manager in Building Technology
    - Technical Business Administrator (Federal Professional Examination with a Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Qualified Heating; Ventilation; Sanitation Planning Specialist (Advanced Federal Professional Examination with an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education)
    - Qualified Technician, PEI, in Building Technology
    - Building Services Engineer BSc FH

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